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Design is a subject that I have always been passionate about, and in 2008 I made the decision to return full time to University to enable me to pursue a career within design, specialising in Interiors. Having just completed my final project, I will graduate this year with a Masters of Design Degree.

Last summer I completed a six month work placement  for HASSELL Architecture in Melbourne, Australia. I have a strong confidence in my design capabilities and I was fortunate enough to prove myself during my time in Melbourne. It was an experience that demonstrated and increased my passion for the design industry and I feel this is a great start to my career, highlighting myself as a responsible, competent and outgoing person.

I have a real passion for design that takes into account sustainability issues and the environment. I aim to combine these beliefs into my project’s with a simplicity to achieve an end design that is soulful and easy to use. I believe good design does not have to be compromised to be sustainable, user friendly and accessible to all.