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Love this Pantone paint concept by Samy Halim


Whoop, my online Portfolio has been selected as one of 5 excellent websites to learn from, not everyday that happens eh?

Jim Butterell’s entire website is amazing, but one thing that we especially like about it is the Portfolio page. Jim really takes the visitors inside each project with an introduction text, a cover photo and a full gallery that gives us different angles on each and every work. A portfolio website’s goal is to create a space where the art works or projects can really shine. Jim’s website achieves this goal beautifully with his portfolio page.

On the shore of an idyllic white sandy beach on New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula rests an elegant hut. The site lies within the coastal erosion zone, where all building must be removable. This is taken literally and the hut is designed on two thick wooden sleds for movement back up the site or across the beach and onto a barge. dezeen

I have loved Breakbot for the last year or so, their Electric, French Funk sound is amazing (more on their myspace page) and finally they are releasing an album in September! I honestly don’t think I can wait for it, here is a video to tantalise your ear buds…

Whilst in London yesterday I went for a bite to eat and the best latte I’ve had in months at Shaun Clarkson’s Pitfield shop. A fantastic fit out and even better vintage furniture, I was even lucky enough to catch a chat with Mr Clarkson himself, a  very lovely guy!